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If you’re looking for a hands-on student wildlife volunteering experience, check out our animal care volunteer projects in Uganda. We offer two equally exciting options; an opportunity to work at a wildlife rehabilitation center in the Uganda Wildlife National Parks, and a chance to join a veterinary wildlife program on the famous Mountain Gorilla and or Chimpanzee habituation experience.

Both animal care volunteering opportunities allow students to get unique practical work experience with African wildlife, and to be part of important wildlife conservation initiatives. As a wildlife volunteer in Uganda, you’ll also have the privilege to work in a beautiful natural environment and explore some of the country’s highlights during your time off.

What Confidence Africa Tours Ltd Do on Student Volunteering Programs

Confidence Africa Tours Ltd welcomes any student at any level of education all over the world willing to do volunteering in wildlife.

  • Confidence Africa Tours helps you to study and make your research with highly qualified people.
  • We help organize your internship and research studies.
  • We help you to make study Tours on agriculture, culture, and wildlife Tours.
  • Our company helps on arranging meet experts like professional veterinary doctors on wildlife studies.
  • We help you to arrange geographical and environmental study purposes.
  • We help to arrange international relations study purposes at different levels of government departments.
  • Confidence Africa tours help arrange Education practical teaching and stay in rural areas in our country.
  • We help vet students to visit the best laboratories in our National Parks, and acquire more skills and knowledge on wildlife.
  • We help researchers on arranging wildlife studies.
  • Our director helps students and volunteers to connect w with communities for studies and practical activities on the County side of both areas of
  • We do agricultural tours and visit farmers at different locations of farmers in our countryside, farmers for soya beans, cassava, potatoes, coffee, cotton, avocado, and mangoes fruits for juice.
  • We help students to visit small-scale industries and also practice maybe add more skills to our entrepreneurs.

Confidence Africa Tours Is to arrange transport and accommodation for all the period a guest would prefer to stay with us. For veterinary study purposes, we arrange with our wildlife expert and surely you will acquire a good experience in our National Parks, from the gorillas and primates the chimpanzees. Activities done at the veterinary practice are animal darting, for sickness and behavior purposes.

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