East African Beach Holidays in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

Kenya and Tanzania are legendary destinations for wildlife safaris, but in recent years they have also become popular for beach holidays, with warm waters and excellent snorkeling and fishing opportunities.

With the exception of the main islands of the Indian Ocean, perhaps Africa’s most popular beach destinations are the islands of the Zanzibar archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. The rich history and culture of Zanzibar have always been a boon for visitors to the famous gaming areas in Tanzania such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

Where to go for Beach Holidays in East Africa?

But today the new ideal of safaris and beach holidays has opened up the islands like never before. While the main island is still very popular for its history, other islands such as Pemba and the Mafia offer beach holiday visitors unforgettable diving, snorkeling, and great fishing. While there are many areas in Africa that offer perfect beach holidays, few have the diversity that Kenya’s islands and beach resorts offer.

The country has long relied on beautiful nature parks to attract visitors, but beaches have recently begun to catch on. From tropical beaches and bustling cities to secluded islands and historic buildings, Kenya’s beaches offer more than a paradise of white sand and turquoise waters – Kenyan coasts with beautiful coral reefs are African coasts. It offers some of the best large-scale diving and fishing. From romantic and secluded islands to gorgeous family-friendly resorts, the Kenyan coast offers everything for a fantastic beach safari holiday.

Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays

Unique and Unusual Beach Holiday

Some of Africa’s rarest beaches are away from the continent’s inland coast, but less thrilling. Despite the freshwater experience, the beautiful Rift Valley lagoon offers beach holidays comparable to coastal beach holidays.

A great lakeside vacation experience includes a wildlife experience. Lake Malawi (also known as the Lake of Stars) offers visitors a fascinating mix of white sand, crystal clear waters, superb diving and snorkeling, and unforgettable views. Many who have traveled across the African continent sing about lazy starry days and warm starry nights on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Lake Tanganyika, the deepest lake in Africa, is suitable for holidays on the most exotic beaches. Mahale Mountain National Park is undoubtedly the perfect place to see wild African chimpanzees, the main reason visitors come to the park.

However, part of the Mahale experience is relaxing on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in between cruises with the chimpanzees. There, the enchanting sea against the backdrop of white sand beaches and lush primeval forests is the source of the soul.

Beach Holidays and Big Five Adventures in East Africa

East Africa is fast becoming more than just a place to see the Big Five. Ideals for safaris and beach vacations are fast becoming the norm, and East Africa has the most challenging beaches and experiences.