Kenya Walking & Wildlife Safaris with Confidence Africa Tours

Game drives are the most popular safaris tour activity in Kenya and for good reason. A 4×4 vehicle navigates the varied and remote terrain with ease, and your expert guide takes you to exceptional vantage points to take in the greater ecosystem. But as you travel through forests, riverine forests, savannah plains, lakeshores, and other habitats, you will come across many of Kenya’s most fascinating inhabitants. Huddled in crevices, resting in trees, and scurrying about on the ground, smaller creatures have to keep busy. Unfortunately, game drives bypass these many micro-ecosystems that are equally important to the overall health of the larger ecosystem. Enlightenment to know the little things in life is to take a step in life.

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Best Selling Kenya Wildlife Tours Combined with Walking Safaris

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Walking and Wildlife Safaris to Mount Kenya

Kenya walking & wildlife safaris are available for all fitness levels and can be as easy or as challenging as you wish. Guided bush or nature walks can last as little as an hour or as long as half a day. Confidence Africa Tours can also arrange a day and multi-day trek up Mount Kenya to the trails to the flight camps. Imagine hiking on forest trails at the foot of Mount Kenya during your safaris tour vacation! This central plateau is an enchanting place for hiking and walking.

Wildlife Safaris to Kenya National parks and Private Reserves

Take your time to spot the rare bongos and other land creatures hidden in the dense vegetation. Guided Kenya safaris tour walks are not normally permitted in the Kenyan government parks and national reserves, but you can take part in these fascinating trips to the surrounding private reserves. Your guide will not only help you find and identify small creatures, from lion ants to dung beetles but will also teach you location techniques and share ancient uses of plants.

You will search for tracks in the soft earth, see mammals passing by from a unique perspective, discover how to distinguish different types of droppings, and much more! However, to be walking in the bush you must always be aware of your surroundings. Your Kenya specialist hiking guide plays an important role in keeping you safe, but you must be aware of the dangers if you choose to go on foot rather than in a vehicle.

Most Popular Kenya Walking and Wildlife Safaris

Thinking of Africa Safari, Contact Confidence Africa Tours today.
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What to Do when you get close to Animals on Walking safaris in Kenya?

Getting close to animals while hiking or even accidentally encountering an animal in the wild without checking all angles can be disastrous. Experienced hiking guides understand wildlife behavior while on foot and also know how close it is, so you are much safer. Laikipia’s private reserves are home to the second density of wildlife in Kenya’s safaris tour. Your walking and wildlife safaris in Kenya lets you see more than 70 species of mammals from land. Plus, there are over 440 bird species, and finding feathered creatures is easy if you can get to trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. Your guide knows all the sneaky hiding places of bizarre insects and bulky plant species you encounter along the way.

Other Hiking Safaris Tour Trails in Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve

Another excellent location for hiking in Kenya is the nature reserves that border the Masai Mara National Reserve. Your guide takes you to safe vantage points where you peer across the plains’ vegetation to spot gazelles, harnesses, moose, mice, elephants, giraffes, and other herbivores in search of food and pasture. You might even stumble upon the tracks of a leopard from the night before or even lions from a distance!

Lake Naivasha National Park

The waters of Lake Naivasha attract buffaloes, ducks, moose, and other animals that try to quench their thirst. Walking safaris around the lake give you the relaxed mood you need to spot subtle nuances in animal behavior. You also get the chance to see rock hyraxes, dik-diks, and other small inhabitants. With over 450 bird species to spot and identify, your lake tour is also an opportunity to update your bird journal. Guests of Confidence Africa Tours also have the option to visit Crescent Island in Naivasha.

Chyulu Hills and Amboseli National Parks

Further southeast, Chyulu Hills and Amboseli offer views of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania. Walking safaris are generally not allowed in this park, but we can organize walks in the nearby nature reserves that overlook the iconic mountain. Our Kenya safaris tour walks can be customized to highlight what you want to see during your nature vacation, including butterflies, birds, plant species, historical and archaeological sites, ancient petroglyphs, rivers, lakes, and natural formations, and more.